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" Having joined the BW family only a bit over a year ago, after many years in the business, I'm still regularly surprised at all the services and support not only offered by the company, but by our Managing Broker Catherine Leonard and her ace staff.

The environment in the Evanston office is collegial and friendly. Catherine is readily available for individual counsel and impromptu meetings when issues arise. Her upbeat attitude, sense of humor, experience and expertise bolster her leadership style. I'm very pleased I came aboard! " - John Adamson

John Adamson

" After shopping around with different companies, signing on with Baird & Warner was a no-brainer.

From the moment I walked in the door, I was welcomed with smiles and support. Catherine has cultivated a supportive, engaging, inviting community within the walls of our office. She is always there to lend a helping hand, offer advice or walk you through a tough deal. Community and support were two essentials for me when choosing a brokerage. I get both in abundance at Baird & Warner--and then some. " - Erica Olden

Erica Olden

Catherine Leonard is a true professional.

She has walked the walk as a successful agent before making the commitment to manage. She has continued to hire incredilble agents creating a phenomenal collaboration among our agents, new and experienced. Her training has enabled new agents to jump-start their careers. Her knowledge and support of all the agents is extraordinary. " - Sheila Doyle

Sheila Doyle

" I joined the Baird & Warner team as an experienced agent.

The management style, culture and integrity of the company is impressive and unmatched. Catherine manages our office beautifully. She creates a welcoming supportive atmosphere while providing the resources for our office and each agent to reach our goals and not only be a leader, but a premier competitor in our marketplace. Catherine is smart and savvy with high standards and a strong moral compass and is well respected in the industry. having been a successful agent prior to managing, she has a unique understanding of the business and what agents need. Working at Baird & Warner, I feel like I have come home! " - Emily McClintock

Emily McClintock

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